Why Entrepreneurship is a Lifestyle

An entrepreneur to me is somebody who looks at the world and just sees a whole lot of problems they want to solve.  You look at things and wonder why it works that way, and you never think “well I wonder if I could do that”, you immediately think “well this is how I would do it” or “here is how I would solve that problem”.

Entrepreneurship to me is a lifestyle, a passion, a constant struggle to reach my dreams, it’s 24/7.  Its willing to live like nobody wants too while building your dream so you can live like everyone dreams to after.

When you are an entrepreneur, there is no such thing as 8-5, 5 days a week, its 24/7.  As an entrepreneur your mind never stops working on goals, strategies, challenges and solutions.  I could be putting my daughter to bed or making dinner, and my mind would still be processing ideas.  Too many people would say “but that doesn’t offer any work-life balance” or “but I wouldn’t want to work 24/7”, but what these people fail to realise that which only true entrepreneurs realise is that we are so caught up in the passion, love and excitement of what we do, we don’t mind or even realise in some cases that we are constantly working to improve ourselves and our businesses.  When somebody says to me “oh we had a 2-week holiday and never discussed work” or “hey its Friday, time to relax for the weekend”, I can’t even relate to that it is such a foreign concept, as every day is the same as the next, an opportunity for me to improve.  This does not mean I do not have a work-life balance at all, as a matter of fact my schedule allows me a very even split between time relaxing or playing with my daughter and working, more so than any 8-5 job would, but that does not mean while I am enjoying a cocktail on the beach or lying in bed at night, or having a beer with mates that my mind stops playing with new ideas.

An entrepreneur is not the cleverest guy or gal in the room with a MBA, but he/she is the most innovative, passionate and committed person you will meet.  When shaking hands with the CEO of a small business you likely shaking hands with the CFO, CMO and COO as well as the person who gets coffee and tidies up.  He/she absolutely love what they do, you can see it in their eyes and by the way they talk, and they live and sleep that passion every moment of every day, though the good times and the bad.

An entrepreneurial lifestyle is not all glamour and fast cars at all like in Hollywood movies, as a matter of fact that only happens when you’ve reached your goals.  It’s a constant struggle, with high points and low points, with constant challenges and learning at every curve, and just when you think you should give up, you reach success only to be pulled back down and starting the process over again, always improving and reducing the risk of failure the next round, always moving closer to success.   An entrepreneur is someone who takes these challenges and failures, and learns from them, gets up shaking his/her fists at the universe shouting “is that all you got”, and goes for it again.

People dream of living the life of an entrepreneur as they see in movies, but very few take the leap of faith and risk associated with becoming an entrepreneur, and even then, only a tiny percent of those aspiring entrepreneurs every really become successful.  What separates us from the rest?  We have the passion and will to succeed, we are willing to put it all on the line, we are willing to learn, we are willing to fail, we do not conform to any rules, and we are willing to never give up no matter what!

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