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  • What is the pain you been suffering with?
  • How did the course benefit you or how is it going to benefit you?
  • What do you like about the way Denis presented it all?
  • Will this help you hit that 7-8 figure target you have set and get you off that 5-6 figure hamster wheel you on?
  • Would you recommend this to anyone?
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Recently, I had the opportunity to do Denis’ Facebook Ads Models, Structures and Strategy Blueprint Masterclass and I am I absolutely ecstatic about the insight he shared. The wealth of information he made available from his own personal experiences has put me on the right track to hit that 7-8 figure mark for my business. He made the training fun ... he is so down to earth and patient ... and his witty attitude was really a cherry on top.  But what really stood out to me was his practical hands on experiences that just made everything so relevant to me ... so easy ... it was like that "ah-ha" moment we get if that makes sense ... If you haven't done any of his masterclass, then you should definitely try it .. you won't regret it.
All I can say is WOW .. this masterclass literally blew my mind. Denis transformed such a complex topic into such an easy and simple process that I could apply in my own business .. like in immediately! His in-depth knowledge of this and his understanding of human psychology from a sales and marketing perspective was invaluable when it came to creating and selecting strategies and ads that would get to the right audience I need for my business. The models, structures and strategies he taught .. and the various other hands on courses he did with us .. has had such a positive impact on my ROI and has motivated me to hit that 8 figure target. Having been an entrepreneur for the last 4 years with various online stores targeted at women's health products and I can honestly say this has been the most valuable set of courses I have done in awhile.  
Working with Denis has been a gamer changers for me and my business. Its was 18 months since I launched my online funnel focused on fitness, and I have been stuck in that hamster wheel Denis always refers too of never really earning enough. My ads just weren't working and I lost so much money on advertising that when I met Denis in his Masterclass I was already at wits ends and ready to throw in the towel .. I was almost bankrupt. Not only did he take me by the hand and motivate me, but he showed me so many tips, tricks and strategies to use ... he literally turned my business on its head and showed me what to do and made sure I did it ... he always followed up with me, often giving me a call or dropping me a voice note to check up on me and make sure I'm on track. I just loved the personal attention he gave us all, and the way he made things so simple. 3 months later, and my business has grown over 250% ... yes, over 250% . I cannot recommend Denis and his Masterclasses more if you are where I was .. at wits end .. and you want that push in the right direction and the tools on how to do it.  



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