• Sale!

    Build A Funnel

    $1,500.00 $1,250.00
    Let us create you a funnel that coverts leads in sales, using only the best technologies.
    • 1 Funnel
    • 2 Week Lead Time
    Once purchased, we will setup a session with you to discuss the in and outs of your funnel and what model you should be using based on the requirements of your business.
  • Let us ensure that your Facebook Pixel is setup correctly to measure traffic on your website or funnel.
    • Pixel Setup & Configuration
    • Pixel Event Setup & Configuration
  • Monthly Facebook Ad Management

    $1,000.00 on the 1st of each month
    Monthly subscription for the management of your Facebook Ads
    • Campaign Management
    • Ad-set Management
    • Ad Management
    • Audience Management
    • Backend System Management
    • Setup, Configuration and Optimization of Shopify in a development environment
    • Theme setup, layout, configuration and optimization. (excludes Theme cost, Graphic Design and Copywriting)
    • Products loading, setup, configuration.
    • Catalogue/Collections loading, setup & configuration.
    • Locations loading, setup & configuration.
    • Existing customer loading, setup & configuration.
    • Additional App loading, setup & configuration (based on apps you select but excludes cost of such apps).
    • Facebook/Instagram Linking.
    • Domain Linking (domain registration and/or hosting costs, if applicable, are for your account with your ISP)
    • SEO setup within Shopify
    • Linking to Google Analytics / Facebook Pixel.
    • Loading of:
      • Terms & Conditions
      • Privacy Policy
      • Shipping Policy
      • Refunds & Returns Policy
    • Linking Payment gateway to Shopify
    • Shipping & Delivery setup and configuration.
    • Taxes setup and configuration.
    • Setup of all Facebook and Instagram sales channels
    • Setup and configuration of gift cards and/or discount coupons.
    • Linking to MailChimp or another email management system you use.
  • Get the perfect Shopify Theme for your Shopify Store
    • Pixel Setup & Configuration
    • Pixel Event Setup & Configuration
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