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    This service is ideal for members who have purchased a document and wants to customize or add in some more of their company specific terms or conditions, or make changes to the document they purchased, but not sure how or how to word it.
    • Setup, Configuration and Optimization of Shopify in a development environment
    • Theme setup, layout, configuration and optimization. (excludes Theme cost, Graphic Design and Copywriting)
    • Products loading, setup, configuration.
    • Catalogue/Collections loading, setup & configuration.
    • Locations loading, setup & configuration.
    • Existing customer loading, setup & configuration.
    • Additional App loading, setup & configuration (based on apps you select but excludes cost of such apps).
    • Facebook/Instagram Linking.
    • Domain Linking (domain registration and/or hosting costs, if applicable, are for your account with your ISP)
    • SEO setup within Shopify
    • Linking to Google Analytics / Facebook Pixel.
    • Loading of:
      • Terms & Conditions
      • Privacy Policy
      • Shipping Policy
      • Refunds & Returns Policy
    • Linking Payment gateway to Shopify
    • Shipping & Delivery setup and configuration.
    • Taxes setup and configuration.
    • Setup of all Facebook and Instagram sales channels
    • Setup and configuration of gift cards and/or discount coupons.
    • Linking to MailChimp or another email management system you use.
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