Are you stuck in your business and don’t know what to do?

Every successful entrepreneur has one thing in common .. they had a mentor!

Figures do not lie

Average current year-to-date Increases / Savings till end July 2020 of the entrepreneurs we mentor

Sales Revenue
Operational Costs
Avg Sales Value
Figures updated every month against previous year statistics

Get a mentor

Every entrepreneur needs a mentor to SUCCEED


And so much MORE …


Get a mentor

Every entrepreneur needs a mentor to SUCCEED


And so much MORE …

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What our customers say

I've been working with Denis for a few months now and I'm so grateful that I chose him out of a few other suggested coaches/mentors.  He treats my business as if it's his. He spends way more time with me than what is allocated and the mentorship is fantastic.  He is great with numbers, marketing etc.  Working with Denis has made a world of difference. I no longer feel like I'm tackling this entrepreneur world on my own
Simonne Solarsh, IntrinsiCurly Me
Absolutely ecstatic about the insight Denis has shared with me.  He is very knowledgeable and has a lot wisdom to share.  Thank you Denis!  I need to thank you for your time, not the other way around!
Wynand Strydom, Pan Solutions
Absolute value from start to finish.  Every session has helped me so far and I think my most recent one might just be the most impactful yet!  Also very friendly service.  Thanks!  5-Stars
Ulrich van Wijngaarden, Perfectly Healthy
30 minutes with this man made me realize the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded business people, and how just a few words from an experienced person like Denis from Upstart could make a big change in my mindset.  Thank you Denis
Donovan Botha
Denis is a very professional business man and a great mentor.  I value his principles and work ethic.  I've been privileged enough to seek and undoubtedly get the best business advice from him for my start-up company.  He always has something positive to say, even during the toughest circumstances.  Denis will find a way out. I can honestly say that for everyone who crosses paths with him, you will always leave having learned something new or having a more clearer view of life. A truly blessed soul.
Sharon Mavundla , AfriLuxury Interiors
Denis personifies professionalism and knows his game. He is a go-getter who makes things happen.  I value his advice which is always sound and well-reasoned, but carried with it that rare spark of intuitive wisdom that differentiates the exceptional from the ordinary.
Ian Bentley, SICU Synergy Solutions
Denis is a passionate business partner who engages with your business as if it is his own.  Not only will you enjoy time with him (as he is fun to be with) you will also benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience he has accumulated working with businesses similar to yours.
Lulu Letlape, Letcom
Denis is an extremely committed problem solver across many areas.  I experienced him as an out of the box. straight to the point solutions provider.  I got great results from his consultations.
Conrad van Staden, iNfono Business Network
Denis is a born leader and mentor. He is an inspiring individual who is passionate about life and business.  A true example for entrepreneurs – he plans ahead and builds strong long-lasting relationships to ensure continuous growth and success going forward.  With a wealth of experience behind his name, Denis is confident in who he is and able to ensure fast and efficient service delivery on the highest level, every time, no matter what the task is he has to take on.  If you want your company to achieve bigger success you should be speaking to him.
Machtild Brenholc, Investor
I have had the opportunity to work with Denis and I have been thoroughly impressed by the man and the entrepreneur.  Denis offers an alternative yet practical view of the business while captivating an audience with complete control of the room.  We all have much to learn from this man and his experiences.
Garikai Nhongo, Afri-Tech Group
Denis is professional, driven, eloquent, dynamic, efficient, honest and confident.  He knows his craft in and out, and his wide array of experience with individuals, governments and corporate institutions makes him the ideal manager, mentor, business partner and the epitome of a trusted leader.  I fully endorse Denis’ open-mindedness and consistency in keeping track of investment, business and social trends and the passion for what he does.
Nomfundo Xulu, Trudon
In all my interactions with Denis I have always found him to be an energetic, positive and very inspirational person.  He is an out of the box thinker with the ability to take an idea, run with it, and make it work.  His attitude to both work and life itself is rare and a breath of fresh air.  He possesses all the correct attributes an entrepreneur requires to be successful.
Tarryn Maarschalk, Echo
Today I experienced mentorship with UpStart Entrepreneurs' founder Denis Fourie.  The session was relevant, relatable, to the point, and thought and action provoking.  I value your time and input.  Thank you!
Carlo Abrahams, Rimac Engineering
I had my first chat with Denis today and really found our chat insightful and motivating.  I went over my allocated time unknowingly and never felt pressurized to stop. He evoked thought in me and allowed me to think around our discussion the rest of my day.  His experience stands him strong and I definitely recommend his mentorship. 5 Stars from me!
Nelius Vermaak
Really helpful information and good explanation on how to get going with your business from Denis's mentorship.  Thank you so much!
Elana Bagchus, Forever
Wow I had a 30 minute consultation with Dennis and it was very enlightening and I learnt more about my business than ever.
Norman Halse, Cute Kidz

Why Mentorship

Are you experiencing any of these:

  • Stuck in a rut and don’t know what to do

  • Lacking motivation and focus

  • Profitability is down and don’t know what to do

  • Need more customers but not sure how

  • Marketing not giving you the results you expected

  • Great idea but don’t know how to take it to market

  • Expenses running away with you

  • A need to increase performance

  • Need a business plan but don’t know how

  • Not sure how to attract or pitch to investors

  • Battling to price your products or services

  • You need to pivot but you not sure how

  • Cash flow issues are affecting your business

  • Battling to manage your team effectively

  • Struggling to get your product or service to market

  • Don’t have a proper business strategy in place

  • Competitors are hurting your business

  • Don’t have all the skills you need in your business

  • Burning out from work and stress

  • Battling with production planning

  • Technology is overwhelming you

  • Struggling to find your niche

  • Need to expand and grow, but not sure what to do

  • And so much more …


Top 10 reasons start-ups fail

Poor Market Research 62%
Lack of Mentorship 53%
Lack of Strategy 41%
Poor Cash Management 29%
Not the Right Team 23%
Get Outcompeted 19%
Pricing/Cost Issues 18%
Poor Product 17%
Poor Marketing 14%

DO NOT become one of these statistics

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Take advantage of this FREE introductory mentorship session and lets see if we can help you
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