13 Signs You Might Be An Entrepreneur

Do you think you could be an entrepreneur?  Are you wondering if you are really an entrepreneur?

Here are some signs that you are an entrepreneur:

You don’t follow the status quo

You prefer to do things on your own terms.  You are always finding new and more innovative ways in doing things.  You aren’t process driven, but rather results driven.

You are easily bored

You most likely feel like you have ADD or ADHD.  You hate routine and you get bored with with doing the same stuff day in and day out, and battle to focus on things that don’t interest you.

You are labelled a rebel or weirdo

Yeah, because we don’t look like everyone else or do what everyone else does  We live life by our own rules, and tend to question everything, we are often seen as weird to the conservatives, and as rebels to the more liberals.

You don’t do well with authority

Fact is you probably don’t do well with being told what to do.  You prefer being in a position of authority or brainstorming on the same level with everyone else.

You probably got fired

Like the rest of us, you probably got fired for not doing well with authority, or telling your boss how it should be done, or because you are a rebel.

You become obsessed about ideas

When you come up with an idea for a new product or service, you become obsessed that your friends and family often wonder if they should call the guys in the white jackets to fetch you.  I prefer to think of it as an overload of passion and commitment.

You probably never take leave or relax

Holiday? What’s that?  You probably so passionate and busy with your venture that you don’t think to take a holiday.  You sleep, eat and live your passion every day.  You will play with ideas in your mind even when you are laying in bed.

You don’t do small talk

You probably hate small talk.  You’d much rather be discussing ideas and ventures than having small talk about how many drinks your working mates had last Friday.  You most likely have a very small group of close friends who understand you.

You don’t fit into the norm

You don’t fit into any mold.  You don’t consider yourself like anyone else. You know you are responsible for your own future and you will take what you want from it no matter what anyone else says.

You are self-motivated

You can motivate yourself.  You are inspired by your own ideas, your own products and services.  You are constantly excited to see how far you can take your business.

You don’t understand the concept of enough is enough

There is no such thing as enough.  You are constantly pushing your boundaries to see how much further you can take yourself and your business.

You are a factory for ideas

You don’t look at things and say “I can do that”.  You look at things and say “this is how I would do it”.  You find solutions to problems.  You constantly coming up with new ideas to problems you and others are experiencing.

You have probably bankrupted yourself several times

Ain’t this the truth.  You have probably spent every cent you have on your ideas and bankrupted yourself several times.  But you kept getting up, finding more cash, and going ahead again, smarter this time.

You don’t quit

You don’t understand the meaning of quit.  You simply redirect your focus if need be, but you never give up on a dream.

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